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Retreats In Ukraine

Ranko ua

Ranko Presentation
and Retreats,

Retreats with Ayahuasca, Yopo, Kambo, Tabaco, Changa, Arkana, and Pacha Mama

22 Mar 2024

Private Rapeh
Kyiv, Ukraine

Rapeh healing ceremonies for healing the physical body and clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts


Yaku UA

Yaku Presentation
and Retreats,

Sacred ceremonies with Ayahuasca, Rapé, Kambo, Bufo Alvarius, Changa

29 Apr – 10 May 2024

chachabarry shaman 011 (1)

Chachabarry Presentation
and Retreats,

Presenting Chachabarry from the Kashinawa people of the Brazil with retreats from sacred plants

20 Jun 2024


Big International Shamans Festival Pachamama and Ceremonies, Ukraine, Carpathians

Exploring the power of the spirit of nature and human nature, retreats and purification with great masters

29 Jul – 11 Aug 2024


Vision Quest
and Retreats,
Ukraine, Carpathians

Acquaintance with spiritual practice, where fasting and silence make the medicine to favor the sacred connection with the All

1 – 6 Aug 2024

Shaman Mokan Rono

Mokan Rono Presentation
and Retreats,

Presenting Mokan Rono from the Shipibo-Conibo people, Peru. Meeting with the Mother of Ayahuasca

20 Aug 2024

Anka Lumi

Anka Lumi presentation, Ukraine

Presenting Anka Lumi - mountains shaman from Ands. Exploring the power of the spirit of nature

20 Aug 2024