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Sacred 3-day ceremony

Heyoka has been created out of common vision of inspired individuals who dedicated their lives and rich experience to support other on their journey to heal, balance and rediscover themselves, using sacred plant medicines. Our system has an unlimited capacity to restore its balance. All we need is a proper understanding to use this amazing potential. Deriving from the native shamanic wisdom, you’re being invited for a journey where you meet your body, mind and spirit in a unique way. Whatever issues you are coming to deal with – of mental, emotional or physical nature, you are about to come to the place of a profound healing, where you meet your sacred self. This is where most intensive processes and transformations happen, and the outcome can be life changing. So, are you ready for it?

Within three days you are about to dive deep into the core of your being. Using simple, safe and natural tools, your state of consciousness is going to be expanded, and nervous system stimulated to clear and revitalize. Guided and fully taken care of, you will be put in a restful, meditative state of mind, accompanied by a deep detoxification on the bodily level, purifying on each of your subtle levels as well. Certain additional elements used during the retreat – such as special diet, intensive meditations and group processes, shamanic healing instruments and the wisdom of nature itself – will all support your journey. That’s as little as it takes for you to feel reborn!

The term “Heyoka” originates from the culture of the Lakota people, a Native American tribe. Heyoka is a word in the Lakota language, which is part of the Sioux group of languages, and it roughly translates to “sacred clown” or “fool.” The concept of the Heyoka is deeply intertwined with spiritual and cultural aspects of the Lakota and other Plains tribes.

Here are some key aspects of Heyoka:

  1. Contrarian Behavior: The Heyoka is known for their contrarian nature, often doing things in reverse or in an unconventional manner. This behavior is not just for humor; it serves a deeper spiritual purpose. By challenging norms and expectations, the Heyoka encourages people to see things from a different perspective.

  2. Spiritual Significance: Being a Heyoka is often considered a spiritual calling or a manifestation of a vision or dream. It is said that the Heyoka spirit comes to a person through a dream, vision, or after being struck by lightning, signifying their role as a spiritual mediator.

  3. Role in Society: The Heyoka plays a significant role in their community. By acting in unconventional ways, they serve as a mirror, reflecting the behaviors and attitudes of their community members. This reflection is meant to provoke thought and self-evaluation, often leading to spiritual growth and community betterment.

  4. Ceremonies and Rituals: Heyokas may participate in various ceremonies and rituals, using humor and paradox to teach and heal. Their presence in ceremonies is often seen as a way to balance energies and provide a different perspective.

  5. Symbolism: The Heyoka may use symbols and actions that are opposite to the norm. For example, they might wear clothes inside out, speak in a paradoxical manner, or perform actions contrary to the situation.

  6. Cultural Sensitivity: It’s important to approach the concept of the Heyoka with cultural sensitivity. As a spiritual and cultural symbol deeply rooted in Native American traditions, it should be understood and respected within its cultural context.

The Heyoka concept is unique and complex, embodying a blend of humor, spirituality, and social reflection. It’s a role that transcends mere entertainment, serving as a spiritual and social catalyst within the community.