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Bufo Alvarius


Bufo Alvarius is an amphibian (amphibian) from the family Bufonidae. This is a large (15-17 cm in length) toad that is endemic and lives in the deserts of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. It is called the Sonoran Desert Toad or Colorado River Toad (Incilius Alvarius).

The natural organic substance 5-MeO-DMT is extracted from the behind-the-ear glands of Bufo Alvarius. Only one of the 463 species of toads in the world has it. In this case, the toad itself not only does not die, but also does not cause any harm to its life.

Bufo Alvarius spends most of the year – nine to ten months – hibernating underground and only during the rainy season does it come to the surface to reproduce and feed.
It is at this time that 5 MeO DMT is collected from the toad, which, unlike plant DMT found in Ayahuasca, can be naturally produced by the pineal gland. Typically, the production of this neurotransmitter occurs when you are in a positive state or during deep sleep.

The maximum surge of tryptamine 5 MeO is recorded at birth and at the time of death of a person. And in general, it can be called a neurotransmitter, since it promotes changes in the depth and intensity of perception, also serving as food for the brain, being responsible for the depth and vitality of its development.

Currently, the substance isolated from Bufo Alvarius is used for therapeutic treatment in many rehabilitation centers (of course, in those countries where this is possible). It has been scientifically proven that Bufotein is not addictive, and it is used primarily to get rid of various types of addictions and to treat a number of emotional and psychological disorders.

Indian tribes do not use such a word. They call her Sapito (sapo).

This is an ancient ceremony of traditional Mexican shamanism, which is part of the overall process of interaction with the Great Spirit.

It’s about opening the heart, filling it with love and through this connecting with the Great Spirit, who is greater than anything that can be imagined. That is, the maestro and the medicine he uses are a guide. And the Spirit does what is beyond awareness.

The process of the ceremony itself is technically as follows: a sun-dried extract of Bufo Medicine in an amount that depends on the shaman’s understanding of the process itself is placed in a glass tube. It is heated from below with fire and the resulting smoke is inhaled once, to the maximum possible lung volume.

This is how 5-MeO-DMT enters the lungs and the only thing left to do is to hold it in without exhaling as long as possible, allowing Sapo Medicine to begin its effects, filling all parts of our body, mind and awareness.

Bufito makes it possible to experience in a few minutes one of the most profound, healing and liberating states that are difficult to imagine.


About ceremony

After entering the process itself, after 10-12 seconds, the experience of dissolution of the Ego occurs. But don’t worry about time. It itself decides how it should flow for someone who is in the world of Medicine.

The awareness of oneself as a separate element of the environment gradually disappears, which allows for a deep inner journey where it is possible to feel a connection with the entire universe. The unity and infinity of which helps to launch the process of getting rid of fears, stress and negative attachments accumulated during previously lived events in our lives.

Allow your fears to be released, let the apprehensions of the moment come out. Free yourself from them.

Gradually the realization comes that Medicine is everything that surrounds us. Everything is generated and permeated by the Great Spirit, which is present in everything.

You just need to hear it, feel its vibrations, dance and dreams of life.

Our own Spirit is closely connected with everything in the world, and it knows what you need much better than we can imagine. You just need to not interfere with his wisdom, and he will do everything that is necessary.

That’s what we’re here for. And everything else is games of the mind enslaved by the Ego.

Sapo medicine helps restore and activate the body’s immune system. There is relief and healing from diseases caused by psycho-emotional trauma. We see and understand the source of the disease, what led to its appearance and how the body can heal itself.