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Are you ready for big changes in your

Flores Choke Naun Hesus

Flores Spirit Center Founder

People saved and awakened
Retreats for last years around the world
Years experience
World famous real shamans

Your First
Ayahuasca Retreat
Rapeh Ceremony
Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

individual approach to everyone

We will tell you what you need for your first ceremony, how to prepare, etc.

What People Say


I saw myself as a natural and who I could be. I found myself and realized that I don’t need to look for myself – I already exist. This sweeps everything unnecessary out of the way. Thanks for this!

Nick Verhovynnyi


I went through the Rapé ceremonies with Raul and the shaman Shane – they truly opened my heart and kindness to me, although not for a long period of time. I also took Ayahuasca ceremonies with shaman Shane – it was easy and professionally. I saw who I could be, who I really is – but only through the keyhole of a door, just a little. And I saw that I had not even begun to live yet!



The workers here do everything to ensure that their visitors have a impeccable experience! Thank you!

David Leen

Spain, Barcelona

The team were friendly and pleasant and I would highly recommend them, we will be working with them again.

John Lewis


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