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Vision Quest

6 days search for clairvoyance only for experienced people

vision quest

Retreat with power plants (for everyone) in the Carpathians 7 days or 12 days such as: Ayahuasca, Peyote, Wachuma (San Pedro), Yopo, Cambo, Bufo Alvarius, Changa, Rapé, Sharmapanga, Pacha Mama, Inipi (Te-Mezcal), Arcana.

Vision Quest – this is an old way of finding your purpose in life, offerings of love are made for yourself and from all our relationships and for 4 days the participants climb the mountains to meet their Self and the spirits of nature and space.

In the Lakota language, Hanblecheyapi means “to cry over a vision on an isolated mountain.”

For centuries, the quest for vision was the center of the spiritual path of the Lakota Indians and the source from which other ceremonial practices of this people were derived, such as the Inipi (Temazcal ceremony) and the Sun Dance. Essentially, the vision quest (known in English as Vision Quest) involves moving from populated areas to remote and mountainous areas where the seeker can remain for several days in prayer and fasting. In such a retreat, the seeker comes into contact with himself, with nature and the Spirits, cleanses himself of the burdens of everyday life and opens his senses to the voice of the great spirit.

Many of these practices were banned by the invaders in Canada and the United States, and also in Mexico the Spaniards tried to destroy them, but without success, because those in the know took it with them to the plains of North Dakota.

These ceremonies are hard and powerful because you cannot escape from yourself or deceive yourself, physical pain is invited to accept the pain of those who can no longer bear it.

Vision Quest – it is primarily a path of personal spiritual development that leads us deeply into our inner world, it is a difficult road of life that leads to participants facing serious physical pain, and through prayer and fasting, in order to achieve a trance-like state and succeed in your quest for vision. The practitioner of this ritual voluntarily submits to extreme discomfort in order to induce a mystical experience. The total approach of those who undertake a vision quest is to be placed in the world of spirits, in which vulnerability and the presence of the unknown will open the soul to the Great Mystery (Great Spirit). The vision quest is open to everyone and it is possible for those people who are prepared and have the desire to make the spiritual path, and everything that happens along the way is your own experience that takes you into the most valuable experience of your life.

There you find yourself as the spirits of the mountains, nature, the wind (Taita Uayra), the spirit of the water (Mama Yaku), meeting with our Taita Inti the sun, which gives you a lot of wisdom, and in the mountains we comprehend the true knowledge that the guardians of the earth give us (Apus), meeting with Mama Kilya (Luna). Meeting your true visions that will lead you to a deep realization to awaken from that deceptive dream that you carry in your daily life to find yourself spending almost 5 days and 4 nights alone in the mountains without drinking a drop of water, without eating, not being able to talk to anyone just in front of the spirit world, with your thoughts becoming millions and millions every day every day, while at the same time receiving the most real and balanced wisdom of the spirit world, you are there living next to them talking to them , gaining knowledge, receiving wise advice for your life, learning to think with your heart and feel with your head. After this extraordinary experience in which I participated, I can share this wonderful encyclopedia that the Great Spirit has given us to follow the right path of life and reach the pinnacle of personal development and, above all, to truly open our hearts.

Vision Quest from the Red Road takes place in the Carpathians mountains together with shamans: Don Quique (Mexico), with shaman Mokan Rono from the Shipibo-Konibo people (Peru), with shaman Chacha-Barry (Brazil), Chaka Runa, Naun Raul Flores (Peru-Ukraine).