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All of them will fly to show the great spiritual power of the heart of South America, to unite in our flights the eagle of North America, the condor of South America and the falcon of the Slavic peoples, because the union of these 3 birds is recorded in the memories of the native inhabitants of America.

And the day will come when the birds of the north and the south will fly to heal their hearts, minds and bodies, so that in this way we will achieve Aini (interaction in our lives), develop spiritually and try to reach a higher level of consciousness.



El Grande, Shipibo-Conibo, Peru



Singing Bird, Huni Kuin and Kashinawa, Brazil


Ashaninka, Peru

mokan rono

Mokan Rono

Ayahuasca custodian, space snake, Shipibo-Conibo, Peru


Kashinawa, Brazil

Anka Lumi

Anka Lumi

Mountain shaman, Peru

Don Kike

Don Kike


A real shaman must be highly spiritual, honest, serious, have tact and be able to accept all people.

Our work is the work of many years of experience, it is a connection and respect for our ancestors and, above all, for the mother of all plants on earth – Ayahuasca.

We also glad to have the opportunity to communicate with real shamans who pass on their secret knowledge to us and give us ways to find the purpose of life.

The most important thing was to find a shaman who works in the traditions of the indigenous Amazon Indians and adheres to them in life.