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Inca Dedication

The Q’ero Inca shamans (paqos) from Peru, our mentors and teachers, have passed on some very significant and powerful initiations during our training to become pampamesayoqs (earth healers, mesa carriers). We have been initiated into the family and lineage of the paqos themselves and their allies in nature. These initiations are aspects of the lineage and particular connections. Specifically, we have received the Hatun Karpay (the Great Initiation), the Koto Kuna Karpay (Initiation with the Pleiades Stars) and the Nusta Kuna Karpay (Initiation with the Seven Goddesses of the Waters and Mountains). We have also received the Orion Karpay or initiation with the Belt of Orion.

We have been permitted, to pass on some of these initiations to you. Others we will be able to pass on in the future.

The energetic transmissions are deepened within the aura and body over a period of time and continued focused training. Only then, can we pass on the initiations. Also, with the Hatun Karpay, a succession of years must pass and connections must be made before it is possible to pass the three part initiation on to other people. The Hatun Karpay, you may be able to receive directly from the paqos in three separate sessions if they are available during their short visit to Europe in the spring and fall of each year. Each part of the initiation has to be signed up for separately with a recommendation of at least six months between each one. At this point, we ourselves will be offering only the Nusta Kuna Karpay, Koto Kuna Karpay, and Orion Initiation.

Some of the Q'ero Incan Initiations

Pleiadian Stars Initiation, Koto Kuna Karpay

The Koto Kuna Karpay should not be confused with the Koto K’anch’ay healing. The Koto Kuna Karpay initiates you with the energies of each of the Pleiadian stars directly into your system. It gives you access to their energies and support in a very deep way for your lifetime. The Koto K’anch’ay healing is different in that it brings you energy from the stars in a healing treatment. Although the energies are both from the Pleiades, the function and techniques are completely different.

Inca Goddesses Initiation, Nusta Kuna Karpay

The Nusta Kuna Karpay initiates and connects you with each of the seven most significant nustas or goddesses in the Incan tradition. It provides you energy and support from each of the goddesses in different ways and for different parts of your body. It especially balances the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine within each person. The Divine Feminine has been suppressed for so long now that people and the earth are very much out of balance, creating a lot of illnesses and chaos. The nusta initiations help to bring us back to our natural state of being. In turn, this helps all of our relationships in life.

Orion Stars Initiation

The Orion Initiation is designed to connect you with the ancestors from Orion, the Three Worlds of Journeying and Power (Upper World, This World, Lower World); and your past, present and future. It is a powerful initiation that connects through the energies of the three stars in the Belt of Orion, which are honored throughout many ancient wisdom traditions all around the world.

The Great Initiation, Hatun Karpay

The Great Initiation or series of initiations is meant to awaken your Inca Seed or Inner Child Seed to accomplish what you were born to do. It opens the heart, the third eye, and the energetic stomach. These are the three vital energy centers to exist and bring power, clarity, and love into the world and your life. The Hatun Karpay powerfully assists you in these processes. It is also essential for those who wish to work in Inca Shamanism. The Hatun Karpay is done in three parts over time. We do not currently offer it, at this time, but refer you to our teachers, the paqos.