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Ayahuasca Diet

The main aspects of the diet and the main reasons comply with it

Limiting your diet can be viewed on two levels: physical and spiritual. So think of the diet as:
– preparation for the use of ayahuasca;
– a deeper practice related directly to the instructions of shamans and teacher plants.
A whole list of reasons could be given for compliance.
diets. Here are the main ones:
– confirm to yourself that you are really ready to seriously work on yourself;
– eliminate the risk of harming your health;
– get the maximum effect from the ceremony and experience a truly valuable experience.
Ideally, the preparatory cleaning period should be two weeks, or preferably a month.

Recommended diet

Each shaman has his own recipe and traditions, and therefore dietary requirements. But the more you cleanse yourself, the better.

The menu should be extremely simple, not burdening the digestive system and the body as a whole. Give preference to fresh products. Or freshly prepared if they require heat treatment, such as fish and meat.
Your menu may include:
– organic vegetables and fruits;
– fish;
– chicken;
– eggs;
– rice, lentils, amaranth, quinoa and other cereals;
– seeds;
– olive, coconut and other natural oils;
– fresh herbs;
– honey;
– sea salt.

Diet after the ceremony

Ayahuasca is a ritual after which mentally you will no longer return to your old life, because you will become a new person. But nothing will prevent you from returning to your previous diet. True, a sudden return is unacceptable – the menu will have to be changed gradually.
Usually the food restrictions are the same as before the ceremony.
But it is better to consult a mentor or guide on this issue. Because each teacher plant provides additional restrictions. And each shaman has his own recipes. The diet lasts from two to four weeks.

Special requests and allergies

If you happen to have a special request regarding food, or any allergies we should know about, then please let us know so we can tell us.

Dietary recommendations and list of prohibited substances

These diet guidelines are directly from the Shipibo shamans specifically who are the experts in the field of successful work with Ayahuasca:

– If you’re taking antidepressants, antibiotics or anti-anxiety pills you need to stop taking them at least 10 days before we meet. This is because they interact with the Ayahuasca and you will not be able to see the real power of the Ayahuasca medicine.
– If you smoke marijuana, drink alcohol or you like to enjoy the pleasures of MDMA, LSD, or any kind of drugs, we recommend that you stop using them, at least two weeks before coming. (Marijuana is a powerful medicine however which blocks the effects of Ayahuasca))
– We recommend you to lower the dose of prefabricated sweets (donuts, cakes, etc.), any fried products, plus pork and red meet.
– No salt, no sugar and no spicy foods
– No coffee, monster red bull or any caffeine products. This will help in your ayahausca journey a lot.
– We recommend also that you try to eat healthier foods, which your body will embrace and love, but will also benefit your ayahuasca experience (vegetables, fruits, rice, pasta, etc.).
– No sex , no masturbation
– Try to have a very healthy lifestyle at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival and 2 weeks after your journey with us.

The drink from the “spirit creeper” is absolutely safe for a healthy body. But before and after the ceremony it is forbidden to take:

– drugs that suppress appetite (for example, dexfenfluramine, mazindol);
– barbiturates and any similar other drugs;
– corticosteroids and other medications for asthma and bronchitis;
– beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and other drugs to lower blood pressure;
– antihistamines (antiallergic drugs);
– cough medicines that contain dextromethorphan (DXM);
– tranquilizers;
– vasodilators;
– psychoactive substances (ecstasy, amphetamine);
– alcohol;
– foods containing tyramine (for example, aged cheeses, kefir, sausages, oysters, sauerkraut, mushrooms, red wine).


If you have been diagnosed with a pathology of the cardiovascular system, consult with your doctor before the ceremony and start taking the decoction with reduced doses. Ayahuasca increases pulse and blood pressure (primarily “lower”, diastolic). This is not dangerous for a healthy person, but it can worsen the condition of a patient suffering from certain diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In combination with narcotic and psychoactive substances, as well as some medications, ayahuasca can cause serious harm to health, even death. Therefore, remember these instructions and strictly follow the recommendations!