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Wachuma Ceremony

Huachuma - Ceremony of the San Pedro cactus - cactus of four winds, four sides

What is this

The Huachuma cactus contains many alkaloids, including the well-studied chemical mescaline (0.21–1.8%), which acts like peyote in its far-reaching journey.
Mescaline (3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethylamine) is a psychedelic entheogen that is also found in several other species of the genus Echinopsis (e.g., Echinopsis lageniformis, Echinopsis peruviana, and Echinopsis scopulicola) and the species Lophophora williamsii (peyote).

Where does this plant grow

The Huachuma cactus is very easy to grow in most areas, as at high altitudes and with high rainfall it can withstand temperatures much lower than many other cacti. Requires fertile, free-draining soil. They grow on average half a meter per year. They are susceptible to fungal diseases if overwatered, but they are not as sensitive as many other cacti, especially in warm weather.


This is a cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi), native to the Andes, between deserts and mountains. Use has been documented in the Andes for at least over 5,000 years.

This variety is specifically used as an ornamental in local homes along the Peruvian coast. Among the Andean populations, the magic of the cactus goes far beyond healing, healing, and amulet as it is believed to guard homes like a dog, whistling in an unearthly manner and causing intruders to flee in terror.

Ceremonial use

Archaeological research has found evidence of use going back thousands of years, and the Chavín culture has reported its art and artifacts, as well as the Mochica society.

The main effects of Trichocereus pachanoi were described by a medical practitioner: “First, the cactus causes drowsiness or a feeling of lethargy, slight dizziness, and then “great vision”, clarification of abilities. It causes a slight numbness in the body, and then calmness. And then comes detachment, a type of visual force including all the senses, a telepathic sense of transmitting oneself through time and matter, as a kind of withdrawal of one’s thoughts into a distant dimension.” During the ritual, participants are “released” from matter and participate in a flight through space regions.

The ecstatic magical journey is part of the experience in ceremonies with Huachuma and is considered the Great Teacher or Master of the subtle dimensions of earthly reality. Wachuma guides the soul’s journey into a more enjoyable, more manageable path. You can quickly and safely transfer time, soul and distance.

In shamanic action, the spirit guide can personally receive Huachuma or share it with those who, through natural spirit, are ready to discover more of their path to their heart. The purpose of the shamanic ceremony is to facilitate an easy journey for the participants, to open their minds and memories like a flower, and to inspire their spirits to restore them to freedom and wisdom. The ceremony guides people towards a contemplative and calm impulse and invites participants to express through singing, dancing or meditation the messages and inspiration they receive. Huachuma is a gifted great spirit created by Pachamama to help us experience journey and communion with all beings.

It brings us to connect directly with the Divine (God) and then heals us and opens our understanding for self-education

Compared to the consumption of ayahuasca or peyote, the number of people participating in San Pedro rituals today is much higher.

The cactus shows us true love in life, helps us free ourselves from this rough material world, because the cactus takes us into the depths of our psyche into the world of purity, teaches us not to lie (to ourselves). When a person is in this state, he communicates with himself and, one might say, with the more ethereal world of life, both mentally and spiritually, and unites all feelings at once.

Not everyone will have a good experience the first time they drink this drink.

An encounter with this sacred plant can be like a very intense and harmonious journey, full of love and forgiveness (some may feel nothing but a physical sensation after taking it).

Every time a meeting with wachuma is a new and unforgettable journey.

Our wachuma gives us very strong sensations and healing, so it is very important to know the following: to drink Huachuma cactus, you need to do this only with real curanderos and it is also important that they prepare the drinks themselves. Each healer (curandero) brings his positive energy into the process of preparing the drink from the very beginning. He puts his love and all his positive energy into it, so that he can later pass it on to us. Therefore, we advise you to undergo the ceremony only with real shamans, namely curanderos, who have a pure and healthy soul.

Discover this magical plant.

Wachuma ceremony
Wachuma ceremony
Wachuma ceremony
Wachuma ceremony