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Ayahuasca Integration

A psychedelic trip is just the beginning of comprehensive work on yourself.

A psychedelic trip contains insights that need to be comprehended and independently implemented in life. Ayahuasca will not do this for you. Repeated ceremonies will not help either: this is not the case when quantity turns into quality. If you ignore the integration of your experience, psychedelics will turn from a powerful means of true self-development for you into a mystical attraction. Spectacular and exciting, but practically useless.

Integration is about understanding the experiences received during a psychedelic trip, interpreting them, and then changing your own life for the better. From this definition it follows that integration must begin after the ceremony. This is not entirely true. A very important stage is forming the right mood before the ceremony.

For those who have opened their minds and hearts to new experiences, let go of fears and focused on their inner feelings, ayahuasca and teacher plants provide better and more constructive insights.

Have you noticed how our brain represses memories of dreams? At the moment of awakening, a person could describe in detail what he dreamed. But a couple of moments pass and this information slips away. The same thing happens with psychedelic experiences. If you do not intentionally try to preserve the memory of mystical experiences, many constructive insights will be forgotten and there will be nothing to integrate.

Interpretation of insights

Typically, plant teacher spirits do not give clear recommendations. Their messages are allegorical. Your task is to unravel images, symbols, allegories and references. It is advisable to consult with a shaman and more experienced colleagues. Sometimes one ceremony is not enough, and you have to form an appropriate set in order to get a clue to the previous one in the next trip. The ability to understand your experiences comes with experience.
If your interpretation of ayahuasca prompts you to make radical decisions, do not make them right away. Sometimes time opens up new layers of interpretation. Interpretation can take from several weeks to several months.

Psychedelics should become a way for you not to escape from reality into another world, but to change your reality for the better. Otherwise, trips will simply turn into entertainment. This is the problem with many ayahuasca lovers. They fly to the ceremony to “watch psychedelic cartoons”, but do not interpret the insights. And if they come to some conclusions, then they lack the strength, patience and determination to implement the messages of teacher plants into their own lives.

Also, don’t try to cover everything at once.
Decide on your key objectives. Healing from mental illnesses, getting rid of addiction, learning the true structure of the world, harmonizing relationships, achieving financial success – in each of these cases, form the appropriate attitude.

Don’t try to cope on your own. If this is your first ceremony, you simply need an integration specialist. He will teach you to read the signs with the help of which teacher plants convey their advice to humans.

Don’t try to keep everything in your head. Keep a diary where you will write down the content of your trips, your impressions, as well as interpretations of insights and plans for their implementation. 

It’s time to start a new chapter – your life. Get acquainted with Her Majesty Ayahuasca and other teacher plants not in absentia, but in person. Heal your soul and body, find success in every sense and find out what happiness is. They say the teacher comes when the student is ready. But in this case, you will have to go to visit the “maestro” yourself.