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Temaskal (Temazcal, Kayumatin, Inipii) - Sacred Purification Ceremony

The traditional Indian bathhouse Temazcal is a ritual of cleansing the body, soul and spirit according to the indigenous people of Mesoamerica. Hot steam rising from volcanic rocks and saturated with the aromas of herbs, complete darkness, the singing of a shaman and healing decoctions of plants are its main components.


Temazcal is a hot stone ceremony that is present in almost all Indian tribes from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. It is absolutely impossible to be in it, anywhere except here and now. This ritual is thousands of years old and exists in a similar form among all Indian peoples of both Central and North America.

It is especially good and correct to come to Temazcal before shamanic ceremonies, because first of all it is the purification of the soul and body through ritual rebirth.

Also, real births take place in Temazcal. The baby is born in soft darkness, which reduces birth shock. Sometimes the ceremony is performed to make an important decision. Temazcal is also used for treatment. Indians also have weddings in Temazcal, because it is the unity of the elements that helps to create a spiritual connection between a man and a woman.

It is important to listen not only to yourself, but also to others, helping and supporting not with words, but with unity and presence in the common space of the ritual. It helps you better understand important parts of yourself.


It is a small dome made of walnut sticks, folded and covered with blankets or blankets so that inside it creates a circular space, perfectly closed from the outside, except for a door, which can also be covered.

There is a hole in the center where the stones that were previously in the flames of the ceremonial fire will be placed. Once the group is assembled within the theme, the red-hot stones are introduced through the fabric door using a shovel and placed in the center of the theme. It covers everything and the water pours onto the rocks, creating intense clouds of water vapor that make this place a real challenge to overcome the thresholds of heat and sweat.

Songs are sung, words are spoken, stones are introduced, water and aromatic herbs are poured. Usually four doors are made, which means that the temazcal is opened in each door, leaving freshness outside to continue the process three times.