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Rapeh Ceremony

Rapé – to cleanse the pineal gland and cleanse energy.

Rapé is a snuff powder made from ancient Amazon plants, the main component of which is tobacco, is a physical and spiritual medicine that helps cleanse the pineal gland, the part of the body that directly connects a person with energy.

About Rapé

The mixture consists of tree roots and other minerals that are used by the various tribes inhabiting the Amazon and have been used and used for thousands of years.

One of the main ingredients is tobacco, which is usually roasted over wood until it turns to ash, but no matter what the plants or minerals – the prayers of the “spirit of these plants” are important, which further contribute to the various active ingredients that make up this medicine

“They only accept this plant until they know how it affects them and see this connection between two beings: the being that is the plant and their own being.”

Added to this self-knowledge is the transmission of wisdom from one generation to the next within the tribe itself.


“Rape can be really good, but the power is in who blows it and how it is blown” – Agua Runa Indian

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