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Flores Choke Naun Hesus

Основатель Flores Spirit Center

Людей спасено и пробуждено
Ретритов за последние годы по всему миру
Лет опыта
Всемирно известных настоящих шаманов

Ваш первый
Аяуаска Ретрит
Рапе Церемония
Буфо Альвариус Церемония

индивидуальный подход к каждому

Мы расскажем вам, что нужно для первой церемонии, как подготовиться и т.д.

Что Говорят Люди


I saw myself as a natural and who I could be. I found myself and realized that I don’t need to look for myself – I already exist. This sweeps everything unnecessary out of the way. Thanks for this!

Nick Verhovynnyi


I went through the Rapé ceremonies with Raul and the shaman Shane – they truly opened my heart and kindness to me, although not for a long period of time. I also took Ayahuasca ceremonies with shaman Shane – it was easy and professionally. I saw who I could be, who I really is – but only through the keyhole of a door, just a little. And I saw that I had not even begun to live yet!



The workers here do everything to ensure that their visitors have a impeccable experience! Thank you!

David Leen

Spain, Barcelona

The team were friendly and pleasant and I would highly recommend them, we will be working with them again.

John Lewis


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