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Shaman Yaku Presentation & Retreats

In this session we present shaman maestro Yaku (Water Man) – curandero from Ashaninka people, Amazon, Peru.

29 Apr – 10 May 2024, Ukraine

An unforgettable meeting awaits you with a real healer (curandero) shaman Yaku from the Ashaninka tribe of the Amazon.

Shaman Yaku works with Ayahuasca, Rapé, Kambo, Bufo Alvarius, Changa.

Maestro Yaku has been working with medicine for over 25 years. Chaca Runa (the Bridge Man) Naun Raul Flores (Ukraine – Peru) will assist Yaku.

About retreats

Brown Ayahuasca is one of the many vines of the Amazon, but it is one of the most powerful mother plants in all dimensions of the world and the shaman Yaku works with this Aya that he himself prepared in the Amazon. Here the spirit of the liana awakens slowly but surely and begins to work in a spiral to solve life issues for a person.

Retreat program:

  • Kambo ceremony from 10:00
  • Rapeh ceremony from 15:00
  • Presentation about the shaman Ranko from 18:30
  • Ceremony with Mother Ayahuasca from 21:30
  • Ceremony Arcana
  • Yopo ceremony
  • Sharmapanga ceremony (for the strongest !!!)
  • Cleaning with Black Tobacco

Every day we will meet the spirit of Rapeh, we will play our instruments.

Important! Those people who participate with us for the first time will be interviewed.

1 – Self-awareness and dieting.
2 – Pass an interview (for those who are with us for the first time).
3 – Make an advance payment.
4 – Provide the original receipt.

  • Raul will be able to answer your questions regarding organization and registration for the ceremony.
  • The program may be changed by days and dates or locations, depending on the conditions of the organizer.

To register for the ceremony, reserve your place or send your questions in the form below.