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How to improve your Ayahuasca experience

Ayahuasca ceremony is always like a new journey and self-immersion. You can do it easier, faster and better.

Follow up the next steps and find out how you can do it.

Recommendations for the positive effects of ayahuasca

Participating in an ayahuasca ceremony will provide you with the opportunity to undergo a profound healing process for your body, mind and spirit. After this experience, you will feel that you have become a more conscious person. To make the most of this event, it is recommended that you take several measures.

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

Alexander Pope

Tip #1. Set your intention.
Thinking about goals has a significant impact on our attention, decision making, and results. It is important to create a clear intention before starting to take ayahuasca. This will help you in difficult moments by reminding you why you got involved in this process.

For your intention to be effective, make sure it is open and can be realized at a time convenient for you. Also make sure that your intention does not come with specific expectations about how it will ultimately manifest itself in your life.

Tip #2. Develop the art of presence.
Working with ayahuasca can create a desire to avoid discomfort and a desire for comfort. This process can reveal complex emotions and physical sensations. It is important not to suppress these feelings, but, on the contrary, to use them for the effective impact of the medicine.

Be prepared to ask for help if needed, and remember that this may be a key part of your healing process. It is important to realize that these feelings have existed for a long time, but have been hidden in order to ensure normal functioning in everyday life.

Tip #3. Let the experience unfold.
When you enter an altered state of consciousness, simply surrender to the process. It is important to take the necessary steps (such as checking in with the center and agreeing to the shaman’s protocols) to feel comfortable in this state.

Some people may experience nausea and vomiting. It is important to stay in the present moment and not judge yourself for these physical manifestations. Cleansing is an integral part of the Ayahuasca tradition, releasing energy that has long been held within you.

Tip #4. Be both a receiver and a giver.
Participating in an ayahuasca ceremony is a privilege and a gift achieved through the work of you and your ancestors. Appreciate the entire healing process by opening your heart and mind to the experience.

Some gifts can be recognized immediately, while others take time to understand. It is important to be willing to interact, reciprocating through support and giving a part of yourself to charity or important causes.

Integration is also a way to repay the debt. Taking care of yourself and working on your problems will help you become a more whole person.

Optional steps

Remember! It is important who you are going through the ceremony with, who this person is, how experienced a master he is. There are also other forms like microdosing that will help you at least open at least one eye and show you a new world.

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