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Retreats in Carpathians – Pachamama, Ayahuasca etc.

Every year we conduct retreats in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine. Where many shamans from Peru and Brazil gather.

They work with the powerful medicines of the Peruvian-Brazilian Amazon.

They arrived with the magic of Kambo, Rape, Shere, Bufo-Alvarius, the mighty Changa, with the mother of all plants on earth mother Ayahuasca, with Grandfather Tabaco, the magical Yopo and the main plants for making shamanic diets.

Where ?

Connect with Mother Earth, be filled with the beauty of nature, high mountains, breathe fresh air, swim in a mountain river, plunge into practices, the spiritual world, awakening the power of knowledge, grounding, if desired, undergo ceremonies with power plants.
Location: Verkhovyna near the Goverla nature reserve and places of power.

Carpathian retreats
Raul, Chachabarry, Shane & Akuani
Shane & Akuani

✅ yoga
✅ meditation
✅ qigong
✅ Study of Tancegrity
✅ Heartfelt conversations and satsangs
✅ Personal sessions
☀️FOR WHOM: for everyone who wants to learn spiritual practices and expand their perception of the world.

A magical place where flowers and birds talk and mountains inspire.


🏕Rising at dawn. Morning breathing exercises.
🌷Yoga meditation in nature.
☀️Taoist energy practices. Qigong.
🌿Introduction to the practices of fasting and body cleansing.
🌿Lectures on fasting techniques, cleansing and nutrition.
🌿Lectures and training in meditation and working with consciousness
🌿Rides to the mountains on horseback
🏊Swimming in a mountain river
🏊 Rafting
🖼Mount Lada – a place of power of feminine energy
🚣The written stone is a mystical place
☀️Alien stones – asteroids
☀️Pip Ivan – climbing the mountain
☀️Museum of Mushrooms (group trip optional)
☀️Mountain hiking Climbing Hoverla – the highest point in Ukraine, Petros (optional)
🥑 Food: Fasting or Delicious Hutsul cuisine! Optional.
🌿Let’s breathe clean mountain air in quiet places
😍Let’s see the enchanting beauty of the picturesque Carpathians
June 18 – June 25
6 days of practice.
🔸Cost: 6 days of healing practices, sound therapy, meditation and yoga. You can stay longer if you wish.

ACCOMMODATION (housing): in cozy wooden comfortable houses, kitchen, shower, fireplace. Close to the center of Verkhovyna, the river, mountains around and beauty.


At the seminar you:
✅Upgrade your body and spirit
✅Work through the main programs and write down plans for your development
✅Learn healing practices and knowledge about the body
✅You will learn a lot of useful information and techniques for improving your body health
✅Increase your energy and strength by several times
✅Awaken your body and healthy mind
✅Optional course DETOX FASTING CLEANSING on herbs
🔸The seminar is conducted by master AMIRA (spiritual name) – more than 12 years of practice and teaching. Tao Yoga Healing system. Theta Healing. Women’s sacred practices. Certified Hatha Yoga trainer of the Alliance of India Rishikesh, YOGA 23 instructor, Reiki practitioner levels 1, 2, founder of Yoga studio Shanti YOGA ROOM in Kyiv, clothing designer for yoga and sports Shanti Love Style.


Going through solstice ceremonies is a strong, powerful reboot and re-flashing! A set of strength and knowledge! June 21,22,23.
Nature retreat with two shamans: Shane from the Uni Queen people and Ranko from the Shipibo-Konibo people of the Amazon of Peru and Brazil.
These days we will be able to get acquainted with the spirits of ayahuasca mama, yopo, kambo frog, tobacco, rapé, sananga and pacha mama.

The time of transformation has come to us now. This is the ideal moment to achieve awakening, improve health, connect the material world with the spiritual world, help develop, heal your injuries, remove heavy energies, blocks, heal the physical body, psychosomatic diseases, cleanse the body and soul, heal the heart, learn to think with the heart , open channels for communication with other other worlds, that is, make a quantum leap to achieve something in life. All this is a time of change.

Our retreats and camping in Carpathians - how it was in 2023


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