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Meetings in Flores Spirit Center

What are the meetings about?

Every weekend and also on weekdays in our free time we hold meetings for everyone in our center

You can come to our center, communicate with us personally, share your experience or interesting stories, hear the stories of other participants, ask questions that interest you, sign up for a retreat, plan a personal diet, and also purchase the necessary goods.

Curandero – is your guide to the Gateway of Trust and opening your Heart

Flores Choke Naun Hesus

Flores Spirit Center, Kyiv
Raul Flores

Our store (Curandero Store) is located in the nearest building, where you can try on and choose whatever your heart desires. You can buy there Rapé, Ceremonial pipes, Aqua Florida, Incense (Palo Santo, Palmito etc.), Sweaters and Poncho from natural Alpaka and Lama wool, Musical instruments from Peru and many others.

You can also drink one of the many types of aromatic natural Mate Tea from Peru and Latin America in our Tea House or in Spirit Center – we have more than 50 types!

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