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Violation of the sacred world of plants

Why is it important

It is not enough to know the number of people who have suffered from the misuse of the sacred drink.
You also need to be aware of what has happened and is happening to many people.
A young guy is in serious condition after participating in an Ayahuasca ritual with some Ukrainian pseudo-shaman; he still cannot get out of the parallel world. No one knows exactly what consequences await him in the future, no one knows whether he will survive and, if he survives, what he will be like after that.

What happened is the result of the fact that people do not think, do not evaluate, turn and naively trust just anyone, those who are not worthy of trust, not knowing what they are really drinking. Dishonest pseudo-shamans use pharmahuasca (a mixture with other plants that have a dark spirit, such as harmala or mimosa) or a mixture with strong narcotic drugs, such as amphetamines, ecstasy and others).

These are adventurers and charlatans who have come up with the idea that it is enough to take 10, 20, 30 or 50 times in order to have the right to conduct Aya ceremonies or go to Peru for 3-12 months and return with “great experience” and consider themselves already curanderos!
But now this is going beyond all limits, they don’t stop even after they have harmed a person!

Deep Truth

In Peru, Ayahuasca and other plants are very sacred to us, and the path to healing begins with that sacred world, which only the chosen ones reach, and it is these real shamans who are the only and true; those who have both the strength and knowledge to work with plants, they have the power, light, power to come to an agreement with spirits and be in different worlds at the same time; at the same time, they have the power when in 1 hit they can bring you back from another world. Only real shamans have the right to work with these sacred drinks with people, it is not for nothing that for thousands of years this knowledge has been kept and passed on from generation to generation, and this is precisely the ESSENCE of a true shaman: his origin, his altar, the great knowledge of his ancestors and knowledge , who give him all the plants of the Amazon during constant posts far from civilization in the jungle only alone with the spirits; all this knowledge is the result of magical interaction with the subtle world of spirits, with other beings and connections with real shamans. Only in this way is it possible to obtain this enormous knowledge – first of all from plants – of how medicines should be used correctly. This is a huge gift received from the Great Spirit, a gift for a person.