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Shaman Shane

Shaman Shane

Singing Bird

Curandero from Huni Kuin and Kashinawa people, from the rainforests of Brazil.

A connoisseur of the main plants of the Amazon and a spiritual leader of his people who is the keeper of rapé, kambo, sananga (for visions), as well as a connoisseur of Mama Ayahuasca, Bufo-Alvarius, Kambo, Yopo, Sananga, Changa. Shane has worked alongside the great Wixarika and Wirarika masters of North America.

A spiritual leader and possessor of the indigenous knowledge of his ancestors about Amazonian medicines, like his father, he is also a connoisseur of the sacred healing music of the Amazon of South America.

Shane plays and sings the beautiful healing and awakening songs of the Uni Queen and Kashinawa indigenous peoples.