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Shaman Mokan Rono

Shaman Mokan Rono

Space snake, Сustodian of Ayahuasca

Curandero from Shipibo-Conibo people, from Peru.

Icaros explores the spiritual universe of the Shipibo indigenous people who live by the Ucayali river, one of the main tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon.

Young Mokan Rono sets outs on a journey to discover the ancestral knowledge of ayahuasca, mentored by a wise shaman and by his mother, a master healer.

Ethnobotanical physician of the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon, spiritual leader of his community, familiar with magical plants, spirits, Amazonian worldview, descendant of healer parents and family shaman. From adolescence he began a diet with the teacher plant Pinon Colorado, later he continued diets with the most powerful plants such as Toe, Chirik Sanango, Aya uma – these energy plants became his guides in spiritual science, the people who are the custodians of Ayahuasca.