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Men’s Circles

Mens circle

A sacred ceremony to glorify Masculine Power

“Connect with heart-centered men, conscious breathers from all over the world. Join us in honestly and openly sharing our lived experience.”

Men’s circles come in different types:
– Topic Driven: There are a lot of men’s circles out there that offer ongoing support around one specific topic, including cancer, career, divorce, communication, sex, addictions, and others.
– Retreat Circles: Many men’s groups only run men’s circles over weekend retreats. They like to get the men in person – often in the woods so they can do masculinity exercise and various rites of passage.
– Academic Circles: Many men’s meetings include academic-like discussions around broad concepts like “toxic masculinity”.
– Donation vs. Free vs. Membership: Many men’s circles are by donation, others are free and there are lots more that are more exclusive with steeper monthly members dues.
– Spiritual warrior bros: There are a lot of men’s circles that are heavily focused on spiritual aspects like chanting and various masculine exercises.

What Kinds Of Men Are In Men’s Circles?

Guys from all walks of life. Businessmen, public servants, celebrities, janitors, artists, and athletes; it really is all kinds of men.

Yet there is a common spirit and approach to life that is embodied by the men you’ll find in a men’s circle. The guys are keen to learn and grow. They naturally desire to contribute to others. They are at a point in their lives where they desire change and growth.

And throughout history, many of the most prominent people of our time – I’m talking pro athletes, celebrities and successful businessmen – all had a men’s circle quietly supporting them behind the scenes.

They called them different things – such as men’s groups, brain trusts, masterminds or growth groups. I have one friend in a men’s group that calls themselves the “circle jerks”.

No matter who is gathering in a circle, how they run it (virtual men’s group or in-person) or what they call it, at the end of the day it’s all the same thing, just normal men getting tougher to support each other through challenges and opportunities in life.

Online Men’s Circles Are Popular

Over the last few years, online men’s circles have become increasingly popular with many articles and media pieces popping up. Many men can’t make it to weekend retreats or even regularly commute to in-person men’s group meetings. They’re too busy, they have family and work commitments and it can be too expensive to fly somewhere for a retreat. Enter technology.

How Can A Men’s Circle Improve Your Life?

In general, men’s groups have been studied a great deal and the results are always the same. In summary, peer support groups help people grow faster and experience more wellbeing.

Across the board it seems like men’s circles lead to the following:

– Feel Happier: people just feel better when they have the opportunity to talk through things.
– Saving time & energy: the fastest way to progress is to ask someone who’s already done it. The slowest? Going it alone, man.
– Take the weight off your shoulders: vent in a safe space so that you don’t explode elsewhere.
– See more success: you will become more successful with other guys at your back to guide you and offer advice.
– A better parent and partner: it’s not just you that benefits from a men’s circle!
– Life-long friendships: These guys will have your back. Friendships happen naturally.
– Motivation: being around other guys who are inspired to grow and are doing it is super motivating.
– More emotionally intelligent: learn more about your emotions and how to work better with them.
– Meaning: being there for your men’s circle mates just feels good!

It’s in these circles that we remember what we are. It’s truth, reflected back to us in infinite ways, through the mirror of another man. We are redefining what being “a man” means, to lead ourselves, our families and our communities toward freedom.


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